Split batch help

I am trying to create a malt forward and a hop forward beer via split batch.
I am unsure of the hops to use as i am doing 1 mash and 1 boil. I can transfer to a 7.5 gallon kettle to cool one while i hop stand the other or boil longer.
Will this add significant difference?
I have 04 and 05 yeast.
Is this a good style to split?
any help or advice is most welcome

faux Alt/ West coast American amber

ingredient list

12# pale 2 row malt
5# Munich malt
5# Vienna malt
1# crystal 40
1# carapils
1# crystal 80

1 accumash

.5 magnum @60
2 oz mt hood @ 30
1 oz cascade @10

amber- 05
2 oz cascade hop stand 25 min or til other is cool
dry hop with .5 centennial

“alt”/ mocktober 04

cheers :cheers:

I love this idea!! Extended hop stand on one half… that’s a fantastic idea. I don’t know the exact alpha acid of your hops but based on averages, it appears your alt will have approximately 30 IBUs and your amber will have closer to 40 IBUs. Great plan.

I have two comments:

I would ditch the Carapils. It’s not really doing anything for your recipe, not a worthwhile ingredient IMHO.

I would switch the yeasts and use US-05 for the faux alt, and S-04 for the amber. Personal preference. The US-05 has better attenuation and I know it ferments fairly clean, and cool (if you have any cooling capability). You can keep the other way if you prefer of course.

Let us know how these turn out! It will be very interesting to taste these side by side!

Do you think the hops will do well together? Or should I use others?
I have several ideas for split batches but I am really excited for this one.
I have a pale wheat / fruit idea, a pale ale / Belgian, and a cream ale/ pale ale.

I’ll start with this one 1st probably

Also what do you think of a 152 mash temp and a 65 fermentation?

All of that sounds great. I might try fermenting even cooler around 61-62 F if you can get that low, both halves. But 65 F would be okay too.