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Sorghum 'syrup' addition to wort

I am on a quest to find a cheap interesting alternative to using belgian candy syrup.

Last batch, I used maple syrup (with pretty good results); but I’m trying 12 fl oz sorghum syrup in my dubbel today.

Will this be an epic failure, or a nice suprise, with the final product??

Its got a little bit of a twang to it when fermented but overall not bad. You might also try molasses, they sell a full flavor and a mild. I’d go with the mild although I made a heck of a bourbon sauce for the Thanksgiving sweet potatoes.

If you have an Indian market in your area, get some jaggery - it’s a raw sugar made from palm syrup, comes in big blocks, adds a sort of tropical flavor. And piloncillo is a Mexican raw sugar cone that’s darker and adds more caramel. I use both with very good results.

thanks guys. I taste-tested this sorghum alongside a dark molasses prior to brewing, and liked the sorghum’s mildness better.\

I have heard the sorghum has a harsh “twang” aftertaste from one other respected brewer.

I am boiling now, with fingers crossed.

BTW, I used the molasses in an RIS a few months ago. Pretty good.

I think sorghum is a lot like molasses in that it is very dependent on how the stuff was processed.

Running short of malt down there are ya?

no shortage of malt, my bro.

I have a recipe for a pale ale that uses sorghum syrup. Buddy of my loves it and begs me to make it.

Hey Fitedaman: I used 12 fl oz of sorghum syrup in my 1.068 dubbel. How much yu use in your pale ale ?

[quote=“beermebeavis”]I have heard the sorghum has a harsh “twang” aftertaste from one other respected brewer. [/quote]I think that’s for gluten free beer made with sorghum where they’re using a lot more than 12 oz. I would think you’ll be alright.

Last time I brewed with it, 9lbs in a 15 gal batch . Used around 20lbs of pale malt in the mash to bring the beer somewhere around 1.055 OG .

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