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Software preference

which software if any do you all prefer ? I mainly use BF(brewers friend) for simplicity of use but have been playing with BS(beer smith) because of some of the features like water target matching.

I started up with BeerSmith here when my iBrewmaster 2 died with my old phone’s automatic ios update. I’ve been very happy with it after using it for a dozen or so batches. I like that I can use the icloud storage for my recipes and access them anywhere so I can input data on my old beer phone and then finish up details upstairs on the PC. @loopie_beer uses it both at home and in his production brewery. He was walking me through some of the features when I visited, which is what convinced me to give it a try.


well that is actually what I like about BF its all cloud based so it is automatically on the cloud. Dont need to build it or load a recipe and then transfer from the desktop. My issue is loading XML files to BS for editing then save them to the cloud since I mostly work on a chromebook or phone. Building the recipe directly on BS is easy enough so I just transcribed my recipe the last time. Just may need to subscribe to both for awhile. which license do you have. I know @loopie_beer probably has the pro version

I got the gold annual subscription. Gives me 175 recipes of cloud storage so I can access all of them anywhere, anytime. I don’t store anything locally on the PC, it’s all in cloud storage so I can log in and edit or build recipes anywhere. I just have the software version on my home PC, which is easier to enter recipes into than on my phone.

Lost nearly 13 years of recipes and notes when my last app went poof, so I figure with an annual subscription and cloud storage, I should be safer this time around. :innocent:


yeah at $15 bucks its not going to break the bank I think I pay $20 for BF

what do you think of the preloaded water profiles on BS? which do yo use for NEIPA

Haven’t tinkered with water at all yet. I’m skeered of it. I have my profile loaded, and have been tinkering with Bruunwater, but not made that jump yet.


if you have your water profile in BS on the water page just pick a profile in the match target window and it does all the figuring for you

I use a combination of Bru’n Water and Brewer’s Friend IBU Calculator. I always know what to expect in terms of starting gravity so those two programs are really all I need.

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Me do use brewers friend. And paper pen calculator.

Originally used (Kai’s?) EZ water spreadsheet, then Brunwater, finally gravitating to Brewer’s Friend. All my stuff is there from 2017 or so forward. Super easy and works well with my BIAB system.

Other than temperature control, water adjustments are I believe one of the most important aspects of brewing your best beer.

I have been using Brewfather for a couple years now. For all the same reasons mentioned for Brewers Friend. I used that for a while as well, but like the interface for Brewfather better. Their water tool works fine for me.

I started using brewers friend for my water chemistry and IBU calculations this year and am pleased with it. I got the free version because I am cheap. Its certainly easier than my water chemistry spreadsheet. On new recipes, its right on the mark for lactic acid addition, so far. Here is a link for it for those who have not used it.

I keep my recipes and notes in a word document which is backed up on external hard drive. I always have my laptop with me when brewing for note taking and calculations.

The ‘premium’ version of brewers friend is relatively inexpensive about two bucks a month, 24.99 a year. They have a higher tier I believe, premium plus(?)but I don’t see the utility in that for what I do.

Like @wilcolandzaat i keep handwritten notes on each beer also including a brewday worksheet which is definitely old-school analog.

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I do like the brewers friend what I like about the Beer Smith is I load my water profile then load a target profile either theirs or my own and click match and im told what and amount of salts to add. Ive cross checked my recipes and my calcs are similar to what BF gives me but you know I’m lazy. I need to look at some of these others you all mention

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yes that is the plan I have the premium plus really has brewer groups which maybe helps some but nothing I need either

Sorry all, been lurking a bit but been busy with work and especially at home. A few weeks ago the Mrs. broke her tibia and fibula… non weight bearing for at least 6 weeks. So I’m basically single dad-ing it to a couple kids, dogs, and fish.
We use the pro -version due to amount of recipe storage but more so for the amount of activation keys. I’ve always used Beersmith so I’m comfortable with it. It’s been accurate. It’s easy to use.

oh my that doesnt sound good wish her a speedy recovery

Me love the old skool way. But check my self with brewers friend. Icase i missed sonething. Same like my work. When i do gas blending for a deep trimix dive. Calculator my best friend

Dont sound good hope mrs is doing beter

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