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Smoke Malt

Going to make a Scotch Ale (OG 1.053) and want to add a little smoked malt to make up for not having Scottish Ale yeast-will instead be using European Ale since that is what I have available. I have 2 ounces which should about do it. Less?

well I did it and the smoked smell is extremely subtle; barely noticeable. Should end up with an OG of about 1.055 and 2 oz only gives me about 1.1% f total grist. Will let you know how it turns out.

Really depends on the smoked malt you use. 2 oz of something like Rauch Malt may not show up. If it’s Peat Smoked Malt 2 oz, will be there. Just be aware that some people detect a band-aid taste with Peat Smoked Malt and others swear by it. I don’t like it myself. YMMV. Cheers!!!

How are you judging it? Just tasting wort? It may come out more without the sugar. Let us know how it turns out, I have never used smoked malt. I tried a couple of Bamburg smoked beers and wasn’t thrilled with them. I could see ahaving a hint of smoke in a Scottish ale. Did you also boil down some wort to caramleize?

Was just “smoke malt” so assuming Wyerman rauhcmalt or something similar. I have used Peated Malt and this wasn’t it for sure. No sugar in this beer but there is a 3 hour boil for carmelization.

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