Small scale all grain brewing

Im thinking to do a small stovetop all grain and post it to this thread just for a record and see how easy it would be. I have a small pot I need to measure but it may be 2 1/2 or 3 gallons. I figured on 2.5 gallon batch because most batches I see for 5 gallons are easy to just halve and it should end with a case of beer. Of course it will be BIAB


That should be a nice size to try and dial in new recipes or simply brew more often and not have too much product, possibly getting stale. I’ve only brewed 5 gallons largely because my work schedule doesn’t allow me brew all that often. ……. If I was one of the every day is Sunday set I think brewing smaller batches, more often would be appealing.

I used to make 2.25gal AG test batches on my stove using an old kettle (BIAB). I no longer do that since I can unload bad beer on coworkers at the brewery. :joy:


LOL Attaboy!

I think it’d be fun for a bunch of us to make a small batch of the same recipe and send it to the others to compare them all side by each. Not sure of the legality of it all.

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I got my start doing 2.5g batches and eventually concluded it was not muck more work to to 5g. It would be super easy with BIAB

Im thinking about small batch stovetop with minimal equipment. Kind of as a resource to attract new brewers to the hobby. Show that it is actually easy and affordable something many of the brewing bc supply stores don’t seem to be interested. We could maybe work together on some ideas


One thought was use a small enough pot to mash in and boil with maybe 2 gallons then keep a gallon jug of water in the fridge to pour that in to help chill it after the boil

That certainly would work. I found that using my IC on 2.25gals didn’t take long at all to chill. Again, I used a 8gal BK and an old mesh bag that I had for some reason. I just looked and a 24x24 bag runs $8.99. So you could literally enter small batch AG BIAB brewing for about $100.

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