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Slurry vs dry

Holy mother of stubbed toes! Now I’m confused, you git the same from under and over pitched? Just at different levels? So does this then validate the need for a pitching calc. to ensure that the sweet spot is hit? Sneezles61

O was over at the BF forum and the word there is the calculator is assuming the slurry is washed when the say 1B/oz and that unwashed is about 1/2 that. So unwashed would be 1B/2oz. Now my question to @flars, are you washing your yeast?

I don’t rinse my yeast. I strain out the hop debris and break material when I pour from the boil kettle into the carboy. I estimated 4 billion cells per milliliter of compacted yeast in the last IPA I brewed. Had a very good fermentation. Was this an under pitch? Maybe. Will esters have been produced by under pitching? Maybe. Will extra esters in an IPA be noticeable? Probably not.

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This is what’s happening. Both batches have not dropped gravity since I last checked about a week ago.The airlock in the dry has equalized . Presure and the occasional burp from the slurry. The dry is clearer and tastes cleaner. The slurry more cloudy and still tastes yeasty. They both got a dry hop and after a few more days I’ll cold crash and keg. Curious to see if they end up being the same.

Yes, awaiting yer tasting notes! Sneezles61

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Here is where we are. 18 days fermentation and both kegged. Pitched 10/19 final gravity was reached for both was reached at around 10/27. No change in gravity 11/5 so cold crashed and kegged. The dry yeast batch may be a tad clearer but the slurry tastes cleaner if that makes sense. I use homegrown hops and they weren’t very aromatic. The slurry batch is a little lemony the dry is kind of tea like. Of course they are not carbed yet so they will change. I will post the result. Sorry @uncdeo no pics. Also I forgot the Irish moss so maybe won’t get much clearer.

Lemon possible from hint of the hops? Tea from the cleaner dry yeast? Maybe just some variables. Will be a curious note to see if the carb removes some of the character you’ve described… Sneezles61

Now the final result. After they are carbonated and in the glass I would be hard pressed to notice a difference. They both eventually cleared the same and tasted the same. The slurry started a few hours sooner but finished pretty much the same time. Slurry attenuated a couple points lower and cleared a little slower. In the end they made the same beer so I will continue to use slurry of many generations. I’ll bet this slurry is ten generations easy


So you did a simple sorta Brul… won’t go there. I like that and have confidence in yer opinion. I do cultures and only since doing lagers do I repitch… I will do more adventures… Thank you Brew cat. Sneezles61

Next you should do the ole under pitch vs over pitch :grinning:

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Hey, we’ve been there before… O forgot which was best… Brew cat! Sneezles61

It’s funny how people are comfortable repitching lager yeast but not ale yeast. I thought maybe ale yeast would mutate or combine with wild yeast. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

I thought the slurry was a slight over pitch which may be the reason it started faster and end 2 points lower.

I just got to a point I would buy a tube of wet yeast and build up from there, and didn’t repitch because… I’m looking for an excuse…. ignorance? Sneezles61

I like to brew spur of the moment so it’s handy just doing the repitching. Plus I’m lazy

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Just show the love of brewing! Sneezles61

slurryThat’s the


Oh my doesn’t that look beautiful! I’m off to the keezer! Sneezles61

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I’m very happy with my pale ale grain bill. 10:1 two row/c60 just like Sam’s BL. I just change up the hops and go back and forth between lager and ale to change it up it always comes out good. Usually around 6.5% with my process

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