Siphoning with oak chips

I just finished transferring my red wine that had like 3 different bags of oak chips. Let me say it was a pain in the but to siphon the last 1-2 gallons. My auto siphon kept on clogging up and it was really frustrating. Any tips for future winemaking with oak chips to make this process easier/cleaner/faster??

I usually use a primary with a tap at the bottom and use a 1/2" tube to rack. If I use a primary without a tap I still make sure to use a 1/2 " autosyphon. Does the job most of the time.

Still, some heavily oaked wines can still be a problem. If the tubing does get plugged, I’ll take whatever is remaining and pour it through a funel with a strainer insire to catch all the oak. Though I’m not sure I ever plugged the 1/2" autosyphon.

never had any issues - use the cap on the bottom of the siphon. oak chips either on top of the wine or else on the bottom and the siphon hose should not be hitting the trub on the bottom or you are not racking ‘off’ the junk! that could be your problem.