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Single vessel brewing vs 3 vessel brewing

Was just reading the beer Smith newsletter about biab. When I started brewing it was pretty much all 3 vessel and then I started hearings about biab . At the time I was doing 10 gallon batches because of the effort it seamed more economical. I tried biab and found it so simple for 5 gallon batches I made the switch. Now it seems the majority do single vessel. Most of the stand alone brew systems are single vessel.
I wish I could figure out how to set up a poll

Dedicated BIAB single vessel here. Mainly due to space considerations originally, now just because I’m too lazy and cheap to change. Whatever works, shrugs.

It just seem to me that I could go big and not come home broke… If I had known back then about BIAB, I would’ve been a bit ahead of the money investment on equipment… BUT… isn’t this a living learning experience?
I don’t know many, if any that knew right from the git go they knew exactly where the trail ends…
The BIAB would be extremely hard for the big shooters… Gantry cranes… Monster grain mesh baskets… On and on…

Three vessel here. Like the tradition and process…for now.

I use a 3 vessel because I need to keep my process as similar to the brewery as possible. Of course when I started it was all 3 vessel.


BIAB for me.

Me did think. Going biab as well for a while. But made the choice my new brew system. Is going to be 3 kettles. What i do now. Main choice. I do brew lots alone. And kind of hard to lift the grain basket. For 10 gallon batches. Unless i build some kind of hoisting crane

I have a rope hoist… The hardest part, is breaking the bond of the grist and the wort… Kinda thinking of an ATV winch… Once it’s drained a lot it’s not tough at all… I guess that’s when I rinse… When the basket is out of the wort and the temp is climbing… I’ve got a hose recirculating on top of the grist… Usually turn off that valve at about 170*…

BIAB for me. Without any space, or yard, or garage, or basement for additional gear I cannot even conceive of going to more than 1 vessel. Cleanup is a breeze which means less emotions when jockeying for kitchen time.

I use a ratcheting pulley and it makes it easy. The pull locks in place so there is no need to tie off the other end when the grain is suspended

Like I said I’ve given up doing 10gal batches because I mash inside with a simple electric pot system. But outside I can do tens and I have a block and takle but I haven’t used it in awhile. 10s I do 2 vessel. Put my bag in my cooler tun then do a full volume no vourloff and don’t pull the bag

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Three vessel brewer because I learned from brew pub brewers over 20 years ago. I like fire and do all my brewing outside. I also like to pull a decoction and boil for 15 min then add it back for my mash out. Gives a flavor profile that no other method can exactly match!

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