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Simcoe IPA Recipe

How does this sound for a 5 gal batch?

10 lbs of 2 row
2 lbs of carared

1 oz of simcoe at 60
1 oz of simcoe at 20
1 oz of simcoe at 5
1 oz of simcoe at 1

thinking of using dennys favorite 50 for the yeast?

Anyone have any thoughts on how this will turn out?

Nope. Beer will be too bitter.
I’d use a cleaner hop for bittering, maybe like .75 oz of Magnum.
Add all your simcoe at flameout. Save 2 oz to dry hop with.

That’s also a lot of carared for an IPA. 1lb should be fine.

Hmmm, I really want to stick with Simcoe… how about this:

11 lbs 2 row
1 lb carared

.5 oz simcoe at 60
.5 oz simcoe at 30
1 oz simcoe at 10
2 oz simcoe at 5

I dont want to dry hop…

You definitely want to dryhop with simcoe, one of its strengths IMHO.

Agree about the Carared, 1 lb is fine.

.5 oz at 60, do .5 oz at 10, 5 and KO and then add 2 oz to secondary.

I would agree with Wahoo on the Magnum for bittering. And why no dry hop? Dry hopping is the way to go for big hop aroma and flavor… which I assume you’d want in an IPA.

My wife is not crazy about super hopped beers, I may just do it and see what she thinks but if its too hoppy she wont drink it! She likes some commercial IPA’s so I figured dry hopping would be overkill for her?

I’m curious to know if it’s the hop flavor/aroma she doesn’t like or the bitterness? I make an APA that’s all Cascade hops. Tons and tons of hop flavor and aroma. 5oz of cascades during the boil and 3oz dry hopped. But it’s not bitter at all since only 1oz of cascade is used at 60min. All the rest are 15min or later. Many BMC drinkers love it! They like the hop flavor but don’t care for bitterness which makes them think they don’t like any craft beer. Then they have one of these and are like “Wow! I like that. Great flavor but not bitter!”.

[quote=“spykeratchet”]You definitely want to dryhop with simcoe, one of its strengths IMHO.

Agree about the Carared, 1 lb is fine.

.5 oz at 60, do .5 oz at 10, 5 and KO and then add 2 oz to secondary.[/quote]

This is a better schedule. If you want to do a one hop beer with Simcoe I think this is youre best bet. You’ll get a more mild bitterness but lots of that hop freshness from the late additions.

I think you guys are right, I will use this:

.5 oz at 60, do .5 oz at 10, 5 and KO and then add 2 oz to secondary.

Should know how it turns out in 6-8 weeks, I think I will brew this next sunday!

[quote=“ryclo”].5 oz at 60, do .5 oz at 10, 5 and KO and then add 2 oz to secondary.[/quote]Assuming 14% AA, you’re looking at ~40 IBUs in a 1.065 beer - going to be more of an Extra Pale Ale than an IPA. Probably be close to quite a few commercial IPAs, though.

Yep, 42 ibu looks like a pretty weak IPA ... simcoe-ipa

Might consider leaving out the scarce simcoe for the 60 min addition and dumping an an oz of something more common… columbus?

Try some different hops. My son-in-law doesn’t like IPAs, but he really liked an alt I brewed to the low 40s with spalt.

Wouldn’t “waste” the Simcoe on a bittering addition. Late and heavy is the way to go with that hop.

However, if you really want all Simcoe, how about 1 oz as a FWH? No 60 minute and then LATE AND HEAVY. :shock:

Just my 2 cents but , yeah, I’d do it that way! Otherwise, Magnum, Warrior, Horizon… clean bittering AND READILY AVAILABLE! :smiley:

Good Luck

Great idea! I might have to try that… I have some magnum leaf I could use but I really like the idea of an all Simcoe brew for some odd reason? I have five oz of simcoe pellets I bought last fall waiting in my freezer!

I would 100% go with your original recipe

it will be a really great beer

I brewed yesterday. I ended up going with this:

7 lbs 2 row
1 lb carared
1 cup quick oats (got a wild hair at the last minute, thought about toasting some 2 row but didnt)

Three decoctions (have wanted to try this forever)

1 oz Cascade FWH
.75 oz Magnum, .25oz cascade 60 min
1 oz Simcoe 5 min

Pitched Safale S-05 at around 60 degrees

Fermenting at around 58 degrees now and happily bubbling away

I should have used the simcoe but I wanted to clean out some older hops from the freezer

Should be about 58 ibu and a bit darker than the calculations from the decoctions

Any thoughts on this crazy experiment?

Here are a few pictures of my brewing session, I was happy to see the gray goop in the mash tun as it seems to indicate my decoctions were sucessful. I also decided to try cooling my wort in the creek at the back of our property, as I ferment in a corny keg it was pretty simple and that cold water cooled it really quickly.

Very cool landscape with beer photo. Seems like the start of a gallery of photos…

My favorite ipa hop combo is amarillo and simcoe.

I’ve never made an all simcoe brew, usually simcoe/amarillo or simcoe/centennial.

I’ve read simcoe was developed as a high alpha hop for the big lager brewers and I think I can taste where it could work that way at a 15 ibu level: very clean and bitter.

I brewed a pale ale last fall that had some simcoe and it took getting used to. Once I got used to it I loved it but that first month I kept wondering if I’d done something wrong. The flavors needed time to meld.

I’m curious how your experiment turns out.

If you do brew your original idea I’ll be especially curious how an all simcoe ipa turns out, too.

I am fermenting as low as I dare, if this tastes really good I will try it again with all simcoe. Every brew I have tried with simcoe has tasted really good… I will keep this thread up to date when its ready. If it comes out an amber color it will be called an Amber IPA!

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