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Sierra Nevada Porter Clone

Hi All

As in the title I am looking for a SN Porter clone. There seem to be a fair few all grain clones kicking around but can anyone vouch for this one:

According to the author they have spoken to SN themselves, although I can’t validate this. If anyone has a recipe they have used and can recommend that would be great
I also noticed that John Palmers how to brew book has a porter in this style and also Beer Smith has a clone but again I have no idea on whether these authentic or what they taste like.

Many thanks in advance


Try this:

Brewed this before and it was real close.

Thanks Joe! Will give that a go. Here in the UK we can’t get SN Porter (which is a great reason to brew it) which means I have nothing to go on flavour wise so appreciate your comment that it is close.



Just a comment on the mash temperature: SN likes to mash very warm, up near 157F or 158F.

Excellent Rob, thanks for the tip. Is there a particular temp you might recommend mashing at or anything in that range? I presume also that a single mash is needed and not a step mash? Also, would you mash out?

Really looking forward to trying this one. I brewed Big Sky Moose Drool (which is similar to the SN Porter) and that was awesome! It’s another beer that I can’t get in the UK. Came across when I had a beer in Glaciar National Park!

I think you’ll need to pick a temperature and see what you think on your system. 1degree isn’t going to make much of a difference. There shouldn’t be any need to do a step mash or a mashout if you mash this high.

For reference: SN just mashes in at mash temperature. They spray malt and hot water into the tun together so that it is starts right at the target temperature.

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