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It cost $50.00 to have it done… Really wasn’t much… But its not a real fancy mirror finish on it either. Sneezles61

Here’s my progress so far. I was planning on mitering the joints but I didn’t feel comfortable on a $30 piece of wood to make clean and tight 45° joints. Used my kreg pocket hole to hide the screws. I need to plan out the holes, sand it down and finish it.


3" seems to be a sort of standard faucet spacing. You can find drip trays with pre-drilled backsplash at that spacing. I spaced mine at 3-1/2" on center which allows glasses to sit side by side under the faucets. You can find pictures in this post:

I bought a basic stainless drip tray, built a frame for it, and attached it with some strong magnets.

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Looks solid so far @mhall2013. I purchased a drip tray before the build was done and it wound up not fitting into the plans. Aside from that, my buddy had a decal made for the front of keezer and I’d hate to hide it now. Not real classy but I just throw a towel down to catch the drips.

The inside of my collar is not mitred either but the face is and hangs 2 inches below the seal for a cleaner look.

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I did want it to overhang when I first started designing one but that went out the window quick. Trying to match the lid seal with the inner 2x frame and then adding material so I could overhang the edges with a solid piece just didn’t work out with the dimensions of the freezer.

Gave it a good sand hit it with a tack cloth. Taped off the 2x6’s. Put on the first coat of Minwax polyshades mission oak satin on this evening. Picked up a new 7/8" spade bit to drill the holes for the shanks. I wanted to stain before drilling because I didn’t want the stain running into the holes.

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Gonna look nice. The taps have small collars that will hide any imperfections anyways

Get my parts in the mail today. Was checking out the shank and it looks like it has an imperfection in the 3/16" bore. Not sure if I should worry about it and message beverage factory or just use it. It’s like midway it looks like it half of the bore around.

If its a scratch/gouge I’d get it replaced… That is where potential bugs gather… Not good for the tongue… Sneezles61

I agree with @sneezles61.

Sent them an email and a picture. Looks like it was a void in the casting. Sending me a new one which is good but too bad it’s going to take another week.

Brew cat had “waiting is the hardest part” under his moniker… Years ago… Perhaps before Tom Petty!!:unamused: Sneezles61

Well I’ve used polyshades before but only in black. So I didn’t realize how fast it darkens up since the stain is suspended in the polyurethane. So long story short I spent the last several hours sanding it back down to raw wood. What a kick in the pants.

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Ended up going 3" on center for shank holes. Stained it and will just let it dry for awhile before putting on any poly. I’m not a very patient person when it comes to finishing wood. I always rush the process.

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Looks beautiful!

I’ll be patient and wait for your final product… Sneezles61

Poly shades is the all in one stain/poly right? Always had problems with runs with that…rather just stain and then do poly separate.

Looks good bro.

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I have your same patience issues but don’t rush that thing. You’ve got time until your replacement shanks arrives anyway. I like the looks of that so far. Is your freezer white or black?

Still deciding on how I want to attach the collar and lid. I’m thinking hinges from freezer to collar and just set the lid on top. Hinges are plastic on my freezer. Not beefy spring ones. Don’t want to glue it down. Just some foam weather stripping between collar and freezer. Needs clear coat too.

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