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Secondary Fermentation: Stable SG of 0.998 - OK to Move On?

Hello NB Forum!

My husband and I have a wine kit that has stumped us and we’d appreciate your advice. Here are the details:

Kit: Winexpert Selection Estate - Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir

Date Started: 5/1/12 with a starting SG of 1.096

7 days later: SG of 1.000, so we racked it and began the secondary fermentation

10 days (5/17/12) into secondary fermentation (at 72 degrees), the SG was 0.999. The directions state that the SG should be 0.996 or less at this point, so we waited. We have checked the SG almost daily since and it hasn’t budged… it’s still at 0.999. So, the SG is stable, but it is not as low as the directions state it should be.

Can we move unto the next step (stabilization/clearing/fining) since the SG is stable? Or do we need to restart it with an addition of yeast and get it to 0.996 or less?

Thanks in advance for your insights!

If you are stable @ .998 it should be fine to proceed. There is no need to repitch.
When was the last time that you checked the calibration of your hydrometer?

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