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Scaling dunkelweizen to 3 gallon

5 gallon recipe calls for:
5 lbs dark wheat
3.5 lbs german pilsner
1 lb german dark munich
.5 lbs caramunich II
.25 lbs caramel 120

If I scale it on beersmith I come up with
3 lbs dark wheat
2 lbs .9 oz pilsner
10.6 oz german dark munich
5.3 oz caramunich II
2.7 oz caramel 120

I have not used some of the specialty malts before so I’m not sure if rounding up or down is the way to go without changing flavor profile. Plan on BIAB but I noticed the 3 gallon BIAB kits they sell for certain styles scale evenly from the 5 gallon kits. Well at least the dead ringer recipe does. Any suggestion?

Your pilsner I’d leave alone, Dark Munich could go 11 oz, its 10 Lovibond, not much for color. I haven’t any idea about caramunich, thinking, its a mouthfeel and head retention[ wheat helps there too] I would pull back on the crystal, even 2 oz would be sufficient… Dark wheat will be the mainstay as far as color and flavor… the others are lending a sweet, biscuit background… Sneezles61

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This scaling here is what I would do as a small batch brewer. My current standard batch size is about 2 gallons so I do a lot of scaling. For what it’s worth, I don’t round anything if I care about maintaining the integrity of the original recipe.

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Maybe I’m over simplifying things but why would you not divide the 5 gallon ingredients by 5 then multiply by 3?

Or multiply by 0.6.

Valid point Unc!! Sneezles61

Now ya had to go and complicate things :wink:

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Ik ik im sorry :frowning:

Good thing you didn’t do the. 666 thing!!:scream: Sneezles61

It was slightly easier to do the math when I made 1.666666666 gallon batches. Divide 5/3. But now I had to go make things complicated by increasing my standard batch size to 2 gallons. Multiplying by 0.4 is a little easier than dividing by 2.5 maybe.

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