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Saw this mash/sparging electric keg conversion on CL

Just a heads up to anyone in the DC/VA area. ... 03869.html

“I’m parting with my brewing equipment due to a lack of time and room. This is a stainless 15 gallon beer keg converted into an electrically heated brewing pot. Stainless fittings were professionally welded and allow electric heating element and spigot to be easily removed. Heating element is 110v and will work with common household outlet. There is a variable electric controller to moderate current to the element. This keg is used to heat water for mashing and sparging. The great thing about this keg is that you can safely brew in your garage without worrying about propane fumes–or propane prices.”

Pretty neat. Probably 1KW if it runs off a adjustable thermostat with standard duty guts and relay.
Probably take 1.5 - 2 hours to bring 5 gallon batch worth of Michigan temp water up to strike temp.
No threat of cooler meltdown though.

Meh, for $35 a bucket heater will do the same thing.

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