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Sanitizing Bottles with StarSan

Hello Everyone
Is it ok to use StarSan instead of Sodium Metabisulfite to sanitize wine bottles?


What wine we did, we used star san and no ill effects… Sneezles61

Yes, heck yeah.

Thanks everyone!


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On this note, is it OK to use StarSan for all the sanitizing purposes with wine making? I did a batch last year with the recommended sanitizer and found the process much more difficult than using the StarSan I use for all my beer brewing.

I find using StarSan much easier for my workflow

I used it on 2 batches of wine so far and have no issues with using it on bottles or equipment
I do rinse 3 times with clean water after using it

Hope that helps


Star-San is just fine for use with wine. Probably overkill, but overkill is better than underkill. In general, sanitation is much less stringent when making wine. So whatever you do for beer you can do with winemaking.

Awesome, thank you guys!

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