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Sangria type wine

Hello All,
My wife likes red sangria and though there are a zillion recipes on what to add to your wine after you open the bottle, I was wondering about what might be some ideas about tweaking a kit of inexpensive wine( do not want to do this to the stuff I made from fresh grapes or juice).

I have read about adding various types of “zests” to the secondary such as lime, orange, grapefruit,etc

I have read about making extracts by taking the zests or other fruits and adding vodka, Everclear, and even brandy( still working on the tequila idea). This reminds me of the Limoncello I make or the Crema di limoncello(among others)

I have also read some stuff about using juice concentrates.

And last, I have heard of using whole fruit added to the prim or even sec.

I know of the Island Mist series and the Orchard Breeze series but that is a different matter.

I know this has many doors and avenues but those of you who wish, I would take note of any experience you have had in any of the above options.


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