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Saisonstein's Monster

Saisonstein’s Monster is an Omega-original, genetic hybrid of two Saison strains, the French (OYL-026) and Belgian (OYL-027). It is versatile, aromatic and attenuative with a silky mouthfeel. It excels in high gravity and it ferments more reliably and thoroughly than its parents. It is spicy, complex, tart, dry and crisp with some bubblegum character present from its Belgian parent, and more fruit and fewer phenolics than its French parent. Attenuation is 80-90% or more.

Decided to use this yeast today for the spiced fruit beer I’m making. Have any of you tried it? I’m looking forward to it.
Since this yeast is a Dextrine muncher do I have to worry about losing the sweetness of my Homey malt?

Haven’t used that but it sounds interesting. I’m looking at a new saison yeast so keep us updated.

12 hours after pitching nice beginning activity on a 1.05og pitched at 68F.

Following with interest. I would have to order that yeast(soon as I have a healthy mistrust of shipping yeast in summer here).

What temp are you fermenting at?

I’ve targeted this year as dialing in a saison or two, to be bottled… I used 3724 and made some very nice saisons in 2017-early2018, but subsequent repitches became less flavorful. So although I still have that yeast in the bank, I’m going to dump it.
Fermenting warm at ambient with foil only(no airlock) worked well with 3724.

I have been letting ambient temps determine what’s been happening. Right now it’s at 72F and has been at 75F for the last 2 days (apartment at 70F). The krausen never got more than 2 1/2 inch but was very vigorous for 48hr after activity started. Airlock aromas typical. I am pretty excited to be trying a single strain saison again. I hear you @voodoo_donut about the less flavorful. Last summer I made some of my best Saisons from virgin YeastBay saison melanges. But they did not keep my interest as the summer progressed. The best thing I made last summer was a 50/50 blend. I fully fermented a 2.5g batch with YeastBay Saison II and fully fermented with 2.5g batch of Weihenstephan Weizen yeast at 80F. These were blended at bottling.

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Update: I made two very nice Saison’s with the Saisonstein’s Monster yeast. Both of the saisons I made were hopped with late additions and a 170f 20 min hops stands. As a result they are naturally hoppy floral/juicey but the yeast compliments this very well.

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