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RO water analysis?

Hi All

Has anyone out there had there reverse osmosis water analyzed? I’m curious what the alkalinity, ion profile, etc would be. I have been brewing with commercial, filtered, RO water from a dispenser in my local grocer and am considering getting it tested.


That would be a waste of money… There is a gizmo you can buy that will tell you if the RO water is clean… Now, I’ve not used one to tell you about it, yet it has been talked about… It is to verify that they are on top of the filter changes… it will very the total solids in solution. Sneezles61

@sneezles is talking about a TDS meter which can be found fairly cheap. If they stay on top of their filter changes the total dissolved solids will be realitively low, below 12, I believe. The mineral content of RO water is basically zero if the filter is maintained. However those grocer units rarely are.

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