rice hulls

first time using rice hulls. two questions:

  1. how do i calculate for my mash/sparge water? I’m using 1/2 pound, adding to 14.5 pounds of fermentable grain. i was thinking that since they don’t absorb water I just ignore them as part of the total grain bill.

  2. thoughts on layering them on the bottom of the tun or mixing them in with the grain?

1.) most people rinse/soak them first. Not only does that wash off dust, but by saturating them you don’t have to worry about absorption

2.) you can’t really put them on the bottom of the tun since you have to stir the mash.

I use rice hulls but have also not used rice hulls. I don’t notice a difference between the two given my high grist/water ratio of about 1.5 Quarts/Lb of grain.

Either way, mix them in with the grist and no need to compensate for them being in the mash with your temp calculations.

I’ve never heard of anyone doing that but it sounds like a good idea.

You should see how much crap comes off them, I always wash them.

have always thrown them into the mash tun the last time I stir the mash. I have never changed calculations as they don’t seem to absorb much or anything at all.

Never thought of washing them first. Now I’m curious.