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Removing hops post-boil

Just out of curiosity…

Let 's just say a recipe calls for a hop addition with five minutes left in the boil, or even at flameout. Do most people remove the hops prior to cooling their wort, or leave them in during the cooling process? Is there any noticeable differences either way?

I just leave them in. Then pour the cooled wort through a sieve that sits on the mouth of my pail.

+1 just leave them & strain during transfer.

I leave them in but try to chill as fast as possible. I’ve always wondered how big a difference there is between BKs with CFCs vs ICs. With an IC, the BK full of wort cools down pretty quickly to a point. The CFC system lets the BK stay near boiling until the wort is pushed through the CFC. It seems like there would be a difference in the flavor and aroma aspect of the beer.

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