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Regulating Fermentation

Okay, so here goes my predicament:

I have a small freezer that will hold my primary and secondary fermentation, but not a whole lot more than that. I placed it in my basement, in one of the storage rooms. I can cool it off using my digital meter. That is not a problem.

The problem I have is, during the winter the storage room sits about 50-55 degrees, way too cold to conduct fermentation. The freezer, obviously get down to this temperature eventually. My question is, aside from buying a heat belt and hoping that the belt will heat the whole freezer, is there any other suggestions? I would rather not heat the storage room, as the electric heater is a monster!

Thanks for your help.

I made an ‘incuMaider’ by filling a large rubbermaid bin with water and regulate temps with a cheapo aquarium heater. The incubator stays at a constant 68 degrees F. There’s a few threads on the subject, and I know many brewers that use this with great success.

I have a 60W incandescent light in my freezer, plugged into my temp controller. Works well.

Ceramic space heater.

Electric hair dryer (or like Nighthawk said, a space heater) on a temperature controller.

Thanks all, for the comments. Very helpful.

Keep the fermenter in your freezer (good insulation from the cool surroundings) and put a Fermwrap on it. Use your temp controller to regulate it. Tape the thermo probe directly to your fermentation vessel for the most accurate reading.

My advice is start lagering

I’ve never looked into it. does it ferment at a lower temp?

yes low 50s are great for lagers

+1! Exactly what I was thinking. I’d kill for a room that stayed at 50F constantly.
Be grateful for the cool room and put it to use.

Its only that cold in the winter, 'cause we’re cheap and don’t turn on the heat down there. I just got into doing Ales in October, so it will have to wait until next winter. By then I may own my own place and be SOL.

I do love having a basement that never gets over 56°F…

Ah moving. Oh well. Ales are great.

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