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Received the wrong malt -- Gambrinus vs Castle

I ordered some grain online and received Gambrinus Pils instead of Castle Pils. I was going to use the Castle Pils in a belgian tripple or golden strong (Duvel clone). Not sure what I can do with the Gambrinus as it’s canadian.

Any suggestions? Will I get similar results with the Gambrinus as I would have with the Castle?

Probably be OK in belgian styles-a lot of the flavor comes from the yeast anyway. I’ve made some good belgian beers with the Rahr premium pilsner. You could add a small amount of vienna, munich, or even biscuit malt if you want to give a little more malt flavor.

use the canadian malt just remember to say ‘youbetcha’ when you take a drink :mrgreen:

And you have to say “Eh” a lot while you are brewing with it.

I appreciate the funny jokes. :cheers:
Has anyone used Gambrinus pils, though, for a belgian style?

I have used it extensively for Belgian and German Ales and I like it a lot. I found no benefit to using Belgian Pilsner malt over Gambrinus.

That’s reashuring, thanks, Skyler.

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