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Raspberry wine

Got a good crop of raspberry this year as well as other berries. I make a descent fruit Mead but looking for a good method to make fruit wine.

Some of the country wines I do, I squish the berries/fruit… I have a juicer, but the pits/seeds jump about like popcorn… I see my wife has a muddler… hmmm. Any ways, I do my best to crush them down, some camden tablet(s) to help stop the wild yeast… I will check the gravity… If its in the 70’s, Ill pitch yeast… after 24 hours on the camden tablet(s). I do my best to keep it simple… and as fruit/berries come in, I’ll repeat this process and add to the fermenter… I use a 3 gallon SS stock pot… maybe helpful… maybe not… thats my country wine process… Sneezles61

Do you blend or start a new batch for different fruits. I have a gallon of mulberry going now. Saving up my raspberry for a batch. Want to do pear and peach also. Do you add sugar water or just use juice

All my fruits/berries are left to them selves… you can blend later… So adding juice/sugars take some of the natural potential for flavor away… I am of the simple is best camp… I find that some of the fruits/berries that come under the 1.070, that is when I switch to ale yeast… Wine will ferment so low you can lose all but color… Nasty storm moving in now… may lose power with this one !! Sneezles61

I never check the gravity always use wine yeast. Never thought of using ale yeast

Refactrometer works! Sneezles61

I usually end up adding more fermentables like sugar or honey when I rack so not sure how to keep track of gravity. I go by taste and feel. Not to concerned with identifying abv.

I hear you… I just like to know what I am starting with… and flavor matters too… Sneezles61

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