Question regarding the different wine kits

What’s the difference between a wine kit that has 10.5 liters of must vs a kit that has 18L?

I’m new to wine making. I have the standard Master Vitner’s wine kit. I have made two batches from Wayne kits containing 10.5 liters of must. Now I would like to buy a wine kit that contains 18L. I know both produce the same amount of wine (approximately two cases).

My primary question is do I need LARGER carboys? Can I use the standard carboys that come with the Vitner’s wine kit?

Thank you in advance

Great question, Eddie.

The stated volume on the side of the kit box only describes the volume of juice/concentrate blend included in that box.

Unless specified, all wine kits start at a volume of 23 litres (6 US gallons), so your regular primary fermenter and carboys will be perfectly suited to your kit.

Hope that helps out.