Pumps in brewing

Oh boy, I haven’t used mine enough to see this happen… yet? I should take mine apart just fer the sake of doing… I got the steel head and now don’t know ifn its mag drive er direct drive… I need to go look…. Sneezles61

Mine has only squealed when I was having trouble priming it which I fixed by adding the air relief valve like mullerbrau suggested. Then it did it again a while later but turned out the little white plastic washer was worn out. Once I replaced that it’s been fine.

I don’t believe this is an issue of the magnet uncoupling. I’m using a Blichmann Tower of Power setup and I do throttle the discharge down. This is an issue of the impeller sticking on the shaft due to bits of grain or grit lodging between the impeller hub and shaft. I do cycle the power to the pump on and off and occasionally this will get the pump going again. Usually it’s just a matter of time before I have to do the NASCAR thing though. May just have to live with it.[/quote]

As long as you have valves on each side of the pump, you never have to turn the pump power off. Just close the valves and keep the pump spinning. I found that once I’ve run low gravity wort or water through the pump, the chance of the pump impeller sticking, is very low. But, its high when there is high gravity wort in the pump.