Proven hangover prevention?

Going to a brew festival Friday and was wondering if anyone has a proven hangover prevention suggestion besides the “eat and drink a lot of water” stuff. I read once in How to brew John Palmer suggested mixing brewers yeast with juice and drinking it before to replenish your Vitamin B. Has anyone ever tried this ? I always feel that hair of the dog after a brewfest. Hard for me to find my off switch with so many great brews to sample. :cheers:

A couple b vitamin supplements seem to help some for me. That and water…

Hmmm, let’s see… Don’t get bombed!

I know, I know, I know. Don’t be unrealistic right? Ok, how’s this: get bombed early, cut yourself off and eat some food and drink a couple packages of Emergen-C or another vitamin supplement before bed. Wake up, drink more Emergen-C while eating a bunch of Advil and then go back to bed.

That’s a tough one. You kinda gotta know your own thing. Drinking water helps but I never seem to remember. Some aleve before bed and some early morning seem to work best for me. Bottom line, if we drink a lot, we’ll feel like crap in the morning. If its too much to handle… Drink less.

This is the featured brew list

May have to establish a early cut off time, but with offerings this great it may be hard!! Great suggestions

Easy…drink less and no hangover :slight_smile: Come to think of it I have never even had one so I must just be lucky.

the yeast thing might work, but do you want to have the squirts on a hangover :shock:

Don’t drink!!! :mrgreen: Try a few aspirin and a big glass of water before sleeping.
That’s what I did before I became a professional drinker.

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Big AL :cheers:

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Discouraging, but I suppose they do have a point with that second sentence. Anyway, keep looking. . .

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I’ve got no idea what prostaglandin inhibitors are, but water and B6 are easy. Emergen-C’s got both. :smiley:

Some swear by Propel water products - something about all the hydrolites and minerals helps get your system back in line…also just pace yourself and take a break to talk a little about the beers! There should be plenty of people interested in the topic at this event.

Enjoy yourself, a little hangover isn’t a terrible thing.

Drink a ton of water while drinking, and before going to bed. I mean, too much water! Another thing that i’ve had work is Vita Coco coconut water. Slam two of those before headed to bed, and I feel better. But drink a lot of water throughout the duration of drinking, and then slam a bunch before bed, good to go.

Wife is going to be the DD so I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting hammered just indulging a little more than a typical Friday. This is our 8 th brewfest this year and usually they have free water stands to help keep people hydrated. I do plan on drinking plenty of water and taking my time enjoying the samples. I’m going to try some of the suggestions too. I had a friend who swears by drinking pedialyte before bed and a V8 in the morning.

Drink an Alkaseltzer Cold Plus before going to bed.

The V8 in the morning will work wonders. Just make sure there is some hot sauce, pepper, Worcestershire, a stick of celery and some vodka in it!

haha I was thinking the same thing. Won’t have time to digest any of that alcohol; bypassing the hangover.

Easiest way to prevent a hangover is to not stop drinking.

avoid hangovers…stay drunk

Get a bucket of ice, toss in your favorite Imperial Stout, put it on your nightstand, wake up and consume. After that you can engage in the much fabled shower beer. The tricky part will be drinking all day Saturday but it will come easier with Football on Sunday. Sneaking it by work on Monday though may be tricky. Hopefully you’re a high powered ad executive working in the 60s. If so you’re totally good, if not you might/will get fired.

Huh, here’s another interesting one:

They were able to isolate everything down to the process of metabolizing alcohol itself, and produce hangovers in rats that way. Which is at least interesting because it challenges the idea that hangovers are a result of getting dehydrated, or that you can avoid a hangover by only drinking certain things.

And they were also able to demonstrate that, at least in rats, if you’ve already got a hangover then a really good treatment is good old-fashioned coffee and aspirin.

(I can say from experience, though, that just dropping Alka-Seltzer tablets straight into your cuppa is a terrible idea.)

Alka Seltzer cold plus did seem to take the edge off for me, also having a “hair of the dog” that bit me helps, but runs the risk of getting hammered at 0900!

1 or 2 quarts of Gatorade, powerade or propel water before bed may help a little.

The only sure thing I ever noticed was hitting taco bell at 2 or 3 in the morning and pounding down about 3 tacos, a bean burrito and a mexican pizza. Always had me waking up the next day wondering “Why do I not have a hangover? I was hammered drunk last night”

Vitamins and Coconut water do not work one bit for me.