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Primary Fermentation

I am a wine making newbie! I started my first batch last night from a Vintners Reserve wine kit. It says that the wine should stay in primary fermentation for 5-7 days. I am going to be gone and won’t be back until day 9 or 10. Will this be a big issue? Or should I move it to the carboy at day 4?


Typically wine is racked from the primary when SG has been reduced by 1/2. If your gravity has been reduced by 1/2 on day four, its fine to rack.

Thanks! What if it isn’t at that point on day 4 and I have to leave. Is it okay to let the wine stay in primary fermentation for a few extra days? Or will this ruin what I have started?

Put it somewhere cooler, Around 63 or 64 degrees. This will slow down fermentation to the point it should still be fermenting when you get home four or five days later. I’ve had wine take weeks to ferment at these kind of temperatures. :cheers:

Good information. I have a very similar situation. I have a kit that is going that should take 5-7 days for primary fermentation. I am on day 4 and already close to 1/2 of the original SG. 1.82 to 1.0 now. I also have to leave town for a few days over the holidays.
Should I rack into the carboy on the morning of day 5 to start secondary fermentation, or would it be safe to leave it in the primary fermenter for an 4-5 extra days?

Thanks for the advice and the help!


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