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Pre Pro Altbier

Doing this today and since it involves a step mash I struggled with my boil volume last time so this time I’m doing it no sparge no squeeze. I also opened my mill gap to .035 from .030. ended up with the volume I wanted although I ended up mashing about 146 was shooting fo149-152.

Although I collected my volume for some reason I didn’t get my boil off volume maybe because it was pouring rain all day. Anyway the gravity was on after I adjusted for the added volume. Didn’t bother jacking the OG with dme. Only a few points low. The takeaway is that the no sparge, no squeeze, wider gap didn’t effect my efficiency like I thought it would

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I have had my mash come up short, like about your 146 when shooting for 149ish then scramble around trying to get that few degrees warmer. I don’t think it makes much difference.

Are you thinking the efficiency would come up low due to the wider gap?

Yes that and the no sparge

I’m the same way with adding extract to get the og perfect. Unless it’s way off it’s not worth the effort.

I opened the gap because with the tight gap the grain would not give up the wort without squeezeing. I also didn’t add the flaked maize to the main mash. All stuff I would normally do in my tun. When I first started BIAB I did a full volume and got poor efficiency. So now I’ll just have to brew again to see if it’s an anomaly. Darn

I have to ask: Since Altbiers are Northern German ales and ‘prepro’ refers to preprohibition American ales, what IS a PreproAltbier?

Something I made up. It’ a cream ale brewed with a German altbier yeast fermented in the fifties dig


I thought prepros are lagers since you brought it up.

yes, I think you’re right. mistyped ale…

Got this beer in the keg now very clean. Lager like. I saved some yeast and have the grains measured out for a straight pilsner. Going to try it

It came out well. Highly recommend this yeast WY1007 German Ale


Maybe it’s more of a kolsh except the abv is to high

Looks great! Happy with it? Sounds like a great combination. A new hybrid style!
I used Denny’s Favorite 50 yeast for my “Throwback Cream Ale” and I would definitely brew with that again.

Not familiar with that yeast but really happy with this one

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Used 1450 once in an Imperial Porter (Denny’s recipe). I was very happy with it. In fact I have some bottles aging still.

Funny. I took some with me on a trip to Texas to see relatives. The next store neighbor kept coming over to see if I had any more.

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