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Pot size help

I would like to buy another Blichmann pot but dont know if I should get a 15 or 20 gal.
I started off with a 10 brew pot with a mash cooler. Wife got me a 15 gal with false bottom for xmas and have not used it yet for a mash. I have only brewed 5 gal batches but might get into 10 gal as more friends are interested.
My thought is get the 20 and use as a hlt when doing 5 gal batches with 15 gal mash and 10 gal boil.
then when I do 10 gal batches use the 10 gal as a hlt with 15 gal mash and 20 gal boil. Or would the 15 gal be able to handle it?


Get the 20 gallon pot.

The 15 can handle it, but I agree, go with the 20. I do 10 gallon batches and have a 15 G as my BK, wish I would have spent a few more bucks and gotten a 20G.

I have a 15g and 10 gallon batches boil over sometimes. A 20g would be nice, but if you do mostly 5 gallon batches and the occasional 10 gallon. A 15g kettle will do just fine. If you can find a keggle they work great

The keggle works but I would go with a 20gal.

I’ve never brewed a beer where I had too much pot.

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