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Porter water profile

Brewed a Baltic porter today and want to make sure my thinking is right on my water. I added all the dark grains with ten minutes left in the mash so I built my water up to the black malty profile…but left the dark grains off the mash acidification page. I added enough acid to get my ph down to 5.5…since the dark grains wouldn’t affect the majority of the mash…sound reasoning??

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As I’ve read, can’t confirm yet, by adding dark malts very late, the acidic piece of the puzzle is missing, and the dark color and some of the flavor will contribute… To a degree… Thusly allowing you to have a darker brew without too much astringency… Again as I read… Sneezles61

Did you use a pH meter to determine that your mash pH was 5.5? if you did then it sounds like you met your objective.

The Sneezles plan, sounds like you’re plan was sound based on the article. Let us know how it progresses.

I await to see, but then when using lager I have second thoughts. Lager does clean up even dark malts fairly well. Sneezles61

Don’t be silly :grinning: I let my probe dry out and haven’t bought a new one yet. But since I take anything Loopie Beer says as gospel… I trust brunwater :sunglasses: Fermenting with s-189 at a happy 54 degrees…quick start with krausen at 12 hours.

Buddy did tell me the makers of the Thermapen make ph meters…might be worth a look.

I trust brunwater too…and loopie almost as much…

So you left the dark grains out of the brain bill input in brunwater to get your 5.5 prediction then, right? Just checking…


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Sounds like mission accomplished so far…

I hope so…had my first baltic porter ever sunday night and quite enjoyed it.

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