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Pint glasses

What size glass do you people drink out of? Some places sell half pints that I like because I can try maybe 4 beers at a pub instead of 2. In my beer cellar I often drink from my 4oz taster since I often have 6 taps that need to be visited. Many times I’ll split a 12oz bottle. Is this normal?

Depends on the beer.and my mood I have a few diferent types of beer glasses the wife and kids have bought for me. I like a pilsner glass for a pilsner and a standard pint glass for most everything else. Other than the standard pint size I have 3 favorite sizes. I like the half imperial pint glasses as tasters like you said. I like imperial pint glasses for some ales or if I just want to make fewer trips to the tap. I also have some cool 12oz weizen glasses a brewpub owner gave me because they were mistakes form his glassware provider. I don’t like wheat beers but I like the shape and size for lagers and IPAs.

I go for the imperial pint glass if I’m working in the garage, or don’t feel like making multiple trips to the taps. Otherwise I stick to a 12-14 oz. pour in a standard pint glass. I also have 10-12oz. belgian and pilsner style glasses if I’m feeling fancy.

I’m a snob, so I rock the spiegelau. IPA glass for pales and IPAS, stout for stouts and porters, tulip for most else. I have a Pilsner glass, but I don’t brew pilsner, so it gets used for commercial. I have shaker pints I rarely use. But all are all pint sized. I have some glencairn whiskey glasses if I want a small sample. The good Scotch goes into the Riedel sommeliers single malt glass.

I’m not justifying my stupid collecting hobby when I say glassware matters. It won’t save bad beer, but gives that 5-10% punch to a great beer.

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I have s ton of glasses people give me all styles. The only ones I buy are the 4ozs. Looking for a cool flight paddle design

I like my 20 oz glasses. Means more in the glass and less trips to the kegerator. I do like my sampler glasses as well for those who don’t know what they want or for myself to check carbonation. I have way way to many glasses.

@uberculture I found the spiegelau glasses much to fragile.


I very much enjoy the belgian snifter…for the classiness.

I use my 12oz. Sam Adams glass most often. But like most homebrewers, I’ve accumulated a lot of brewery glasses of all sizes. I like the 5oz. size for those ‘big beer’ sippers. And if I’m drinking outside, I have a ceramic german mug with a pewter lid that keeps the bugs out!

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Apparently things are better “out here”. Stop by the Linnie Lodge, sample some great WI beers, leave with the 5 oz sampler glass.

+1. The glass makes a good commerical / homebrew better!

The Sam Adams’ Spiegelau?

That’s a great glass for lagers.

Own it man.

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I’m not sure if mine are 4oz or 5. Some I got free from breweries some they sell at cost. Some I’ve bought for about $3. Nice momentos. My keggerator is in the beer cave with my TV so I don’t have to go far. If I’m outside I do have some British pints

Brewery pints or some old family pilsners - or, like my profile picture, a wine glass.

I also received a set of different beer glasses. It has a pint, pilsner, wheat and stout I think. If it’s convenient I will get out the correct glass for style. Otherwise a red Solo cup tastes the same and you don’t have to fill it all the way. Plus they are hard to break and don’t need to be washed.


Cue Toby Keith…

Red Solo cup does just fine :sunglasses::beers:

My two favorite glasses are 22 ounce pilsner and 20 ounce tulip style glasses. I use the pilsner glasses for any beer I want to pour a deep head on or just watch a stream of bubbles coming up from the bottom. The tulip glasses are just nice to hold with the narrow base and will hold a decent size head also. I have some Grolsch glasses but they don’t hold enough volume. The odd assortment of mugs from gift sets have too thick of a rim to comfortably sip from so are rarely used.

Great outside in the summer to protect from light skunking too!

I use a piece of cardboard to keep my glass shaded. Harder to do on a windy day but the beer needs protection when in clear glass.

I can’t believe I left off one of my favorite glasses. A stainless steel pint glass. They’re awesome in summer and outside. Unbreakable, keeps the beer cool and shades it from the sun.

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