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Pint glasses

I’m sorry but I wouldn’t befoul my homebrew in a plastic cup not even a clear one. Thats for bud light. I have a huge Oktoberfest party and that’s when I bring out all my beer glasses. Presentation matters and yes beer tastes better in a glass.

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That’s what I’m talking about. I can taste your beer in my mind’s eye. Awesome

I might need some new beverage delivery systems if they are available in 20 ounces or more.

Kind of along the same lines. We bought two Yeti brand can coolers. They hold standard 12oz cans, work pretty well with the shorter bottles like Sierra Nevada uses and work with standard bottles if you stuff them in a cheap neoprene coozie first. I have had mine in the sun where it was so hot you could barely pick it up the the beer remained cold.

Had a couple bottles of Lagunitas IPAs in one last night and they fit well.

Hold out for the best price though. Ours were $16 each but I have seen them for $40.

I’ve been thinking of ordering these. Haven’t checked for anything bigger.

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Yummm, bock in a tulip…


Since we collect old snit and up to 8 oz. glasses, we’ve so many to to employ… As far as you peeps out in the sun enjoying brew, anything above 40* I run for the shade! I have a wheat beer glass my sister brought from Germany and I did try an IPA in it… really gave me a bad vibe… Mainly pint glasses though, well, a few stienes for fireside quaffing too! Sneezles61

Got a few for camping this year. Looking forward to using them.

Love the tulip!

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The stainless pints I mentioned showed up in Homebrewfinds email today.

Did you order some? Sneezles61

I already have 5 of those. I’m looking to pick up the 20 oz ones.

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So I have a SS growler my wife gave me as a gift… Paid a nice chunk of change, and I am thankful for it. Well, was at Menards the other day, with her, and saw 64 oz SS insulated water bottle for half the price! You just can’t keep them right in the middle very easily… Sneezles61

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