Picking up supplies for brewday

Going to EJ’s in Liverpool to get grains, hops, and yeast for brew day next week. Semi retired for more brew days. I am using the same grain bill as my IPA in Oct, but different hops; citra, mosaic, and amarillo.


What yeast are you using?

What’s your ‘typical’ grain bill?

The yeast is safale 05
the grain bill :
9 lbs Rahr 2 row
.75 lbs carapils
.25 lbs carmal 40
I like the yeast because of the temp rage.

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Looks like a good grain bill for those hops.

Pretty much my base recipe for pale ale and IPA as well. I change hops sometimes go to 60L and sometimes add corn sugar.

Last time I used cascade, amareillo, and centenial hops. I also added 1 lb of oats for head retention. I usually get my kits from NB. This grain bill is a combination between two. This is the third time with this bill and first with hops. Not sure what hops to use for dry hopping? What do you mean, “add corn sugar”?

I’ll use cascade and centennial together a lot. Sometimes I’ll use a little corn sugar to raise the ABV a bit and to dry it out and make it a bit crispy. Wouldn’t do that on a beer with flakes though. In my mind they would kind of work against each other.

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Corn sugar dries it out? I’ve done a beta rest for 15 mins for drying did not think of corn sugar. How much ABV does it raise?

for example I just raised a IIPA from 6.1 to 7.1 with 1lb of dextrose. I dont add more than a lb unless its a really big beer. Often I’ll just go with .5lb. It all depends on how you like your beer. I dont do it for every beer just depends on my target. Pre Pro and Cream ale for sure. People use cane sugar but i’ve found a better taste from corn sugar

So… 10 points per gallon on the hydrometer? Perhaps a wee bit more?

personally I dont step mash a pale ale ill’ do single infusion at beta temps the whole way and still add sugar sometimes.

Same here, I’m doing a pound of cane sugar with my British IPA…… single infusion, most of the maltsters these days don’t require complicated step mashes….No problem doing them if you want to, however…… kinda like decoction.

On an unrelated(?) note, Mecca grade malting went belly up recently. They did sell a few unmodified malts.

Well mostly i do a single infusion but Joe has a point about a short beta rest before your alfa. Id consider that with a malt forward but the timing is just a guess at our level. On the other hand Im all in on decoction or at least a mock decoct.

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Thank you for the info. I really enjoyed the conversation and learning something today. This is why I joined this forum. This is fun :grinning:

Isn’t the 2 step mash called Herzog? I do that most the time. I do think that’s why my brews end up lower at FG. I like a dry-er brew.

They won’t finish any dryer stepping up. Just let the mash rest in the beta zone for the total mash to get it dry

So you keep the full mash between 130-150 (example 145) for the whole time and mash out at 165 or so? Like sneezles61 said, lower FG and drier?

Correct 145 is perfect. I’ll start it at 150 and let slide down a bit during the mash no need to sweat it

I have done step mashing; 125, 145±,165-168, mash out. I think I am going to try this method for my tool belt.