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pH target for sparge water

What’s everyone using for a target pH of your sparge water. I just realized I had mine set to 5.4 in brun water for my last few beers. I must have been messing around with something and forgot to change it back but it got me thinking: what is ideal for most people?

The tooltip says 5.5 to 6.0 is ideal. Just wondering if people stick on the high side or the low side of that or somewhere in the middle.

AFAIAC, anything under 6 is OK.

When I started adjusting mash pH I tried to get my sparge water to the same pH as my mash. More recently I’ve just tried to get it under 6.

Not trying to hi-jack your thread but(I guess I’m going to :oops: ) do you guys aim for a kettle ph or range? Do you adjust your sparge ph to reach your kettle ph. If it matters which I think it may I batch sparge.

It’s not really pH that is a target. It’s the alkalinity of the sparging water that is the target and the resulting pH is just an indicator. If your water has really high alkalinity, then you might have to push the pH down really low in order to get the resulting alkalinity below 25 ppm. If your water has little alkalinity, then the resulting pH may be closer to 6 or 7 after acidification. That is why a range is mentioned in Bru’n Water.

Cool thanks Martin

This (and the fact that my water supply varies in mineral content) is the reason I moved to all distilled. It may just be paranoia or an unhealthy obsession with detail, but I built my water for my last two brews and nailed my desired pH. They have been my best beers since I started brewing a year ago. Martin, I would have been totally lost w/o your spreadsheet, THANK YOU.

Well put, Martin!

That makes sense. Thanks Martin

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