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pH meter advice

I think it’s time for me to get one. Anybody got any thoughts, preferences, etc?

Look for one with .01 resolution and two point calibration. The hanna pHep5 is a popular model.

I’ve got the Milwaulkee MW101. Bought 10 sachets each of 4 and 7 pH from NB. Instructions are clear, only took a few minutes to check calibration.

I got the milwaukee 102 after my old one died last year. I chose it because it has automatic temperature compensation (seperate temp probe which doubles as a decent thermometer, and the probes are replaceable, so when the pH probe dies, I can just get a replacement probe, much cheaper than an entirely new meter. Like the 101, it is easy to use and calibrate, and the calibration does not drift much at all. I rechecked it after a month of storage and it was off by 0.01 point with the calibration standard solutions.

The MW-101 has been good for me. It has been very stable and reliable in the couple of years I’ve had it. The probe is always submerged in probe storage solution when not in use. Calibration is performed prior to each brew day. I now use pH buffer solutions that I make from capsules of buffer that are added to 100ml of distilled water. Calibration solutions have a finite life, so they do need to be replaced. It appears that annual replacement is prudent. The pHydrion capsules are what I use and they make the cost of annual replacement around a dollar per calibration solution. 100 ml of solution should easily last through a year’s usage. Keep the solutions in sealed containers.

Here’s a lengthy thread you may want to peruse:

I ended up buying the Milwaukee PH56
for around $90 with 230ml bottles of the buffers and storage solutions.

[quote=“Glug Master”]
I ended up buying the Milwaukee PH56
for around $90 with 230ml bottles of the buffers and storage solutions.[/quote]
I also went with the PH56. Had some problems with it, but their customer support was solid and took good care of me.

Just a word of advice that I imagine applies to any meter: after testing beer, rest it in distilled vinegar for a couple minutes to clean the probe before storing it.

Thanks, fellas.

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