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pH and BIAB

So I’ve been doing too much research and reading about the mash and pH… I am curious as to those of you doing the BIAB and watching your pH… Do you have an understanding of how much the grist can lower your mash (knowing darker malts amplify it) so you pre have a prescribed acid addition? everybody has a different water make up so it will vary… I was just looking for the basic idea… Sneezles61

I use Bru’n water to get the grain to water ratio for the pH I want when mashing. I use 10% phosphoric acid to adjust the pH of the sparge water. So far it seems to work with the small amounts of grain in a partial mash recipe.

I too use brunwater…adjust with lactic acid premash.

I’ve been doing that, adding lactic acid too for a few years, and I have been doing that rather blindly… I now have my water test back and I always thought my meter was wrong… 8.1 pH… Wow… So my question is, Do you know what your base water pH is? Then, after adding what ever form of acid, what you pH has changed too? Then lastly, how much more does your grain bill change it? I know to expect a bit more reduction from darker malts… I just can’t get bru’n water on my Mac… I went to the App Store and they have some crazy BS there, but not what I need… I am thinking I will have to get another PC that works with Microsoft … You all know how this stuff beats me up… Damn… Sneezles61

What spreadsheet software are you using? Try using LibreOffice; that is what I use on an old Ubuntu machine, and can run Bru’n water just fine.

Ah say what machine? I’m not even smart enough to know what a spreadsheet soft butter spread I’m using…:disappointed: Sneezles61

Office 365 Personal runs on recent versions of Mac OS (and OS X).

It’s not free, and I don’t know what your spare time is worth to you, but it is an option.

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Thanks, I will have to look into this… Sneezles61

I have used multiple programs. EZ water requires an excel or similar spreadsheet, Brun water is probably the gold standard that I have tried, but probably the most complicated/advanced. I haven’t used Brewsmith.

I have really found Brewers Friend brewing and mash water calculator as well as their complete recipe builder to be straightforward.

And it is Mac friendly. I use my IPad solely without problems.
Give it a look.

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And to address your other question: my local water pH comes in at 7.6. That generally means I end up adding about 5 cc of lactic acid +-2 depending on grainbill, style etc. I plan to try phosphoric at some point, but I’m not a “supertaster” apparently because I can’t taste lactic acid, BIAB beer differences, or other subtleties. So I have plenty of lactic acid, plan to use it, and like the results.

I recently started aiming for a mash pH of 5.3 after hearing a John Kimmich podcast.

Have you tried Open Office on your Mac? Could probably run the Bru’n Water spreadsheet in the Open Office version.

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there is so much info out there that lends you want to follow the trail… I need to find out for myself how critical it is… I want to do some of my own testing/sampling… One gallon at a time with one pound and see where the pH goes… Not now… way too much work going on… Sneezles61

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