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Peach Brandy (wine) Help

Made a double recipe called peach brandy. Since it’s not distilled I know it’s technically a wine.
2 gal peaches
4 gal warm water
Juice of 8 lemons
20 lbs sugar
1 pkg Lalvin D47

Fermented 7 days then added 6 lbs raisins
Left for 3 weeks

I could not take a starting gravity since I did not know how to account for peaches. Sugar alone in 4 gal would result in a 1.2 OG I think.
Before adding raisins I took a gravity reading 1.024.
Today (after 21 days on raisins) the gravity was 1.035, volume was 6 gal after removing peaches and raisins, wasn’t expecting that much additional volume.
Again not sure what the raisins should have contributed.
Basically I’m not sure what the finishing gravity should have been, and thoughts on all this?
If I just calculated with 4 gal water and 20 lbs of sugar the OG would be 1.2 and the FG would be 1.55 (I think). So by all purposes it should be done, right?
I want to ensure it’s finished fermenting. I plan to leave in fermenter another week and recheck gravity. I want to make sure it’s done so there’s no chance of bottle bombs.

Without considering the contribution of sugars from the peach juice, if you added 4 gal of water to 20 lb of sugar your OG would be about 1.115. If you topped off to 4 gal your OG would be about 1.225. In either case that’s mighty high gravity … and your potential alcohol is above 25%.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a yeast that can handle that kind of gravity and finish dry. I would be surprised if it went any lower … I’m surprised it even went as low as 1.024.

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