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Parti-gyle and FWH question

About to embark on my first parti-gyle next weekend. BW / basic Pale. For a number of reasons, I plan on letting the 6.5 gallons of first runnings sit while I boil the small beer first. (I’ll wrap a towel or something around it to minimize heat loss). However, I would like to FWH the big beer with a few ounces. Should I do this immediately on draining and let them sit the whole time, or wait the 1+ hour until right before I throw it back on the burner?

Any thoughts/experience?



You could probably get away with doing it either way - thinking about it, I can’t decide which would be better. I just did a FWH tonite and long before the wort was boiling, maybe 180F tops, I took a little sip of the gravity sample and it was already fairly bitter (1.5 oz of Columbus in 13 gallons of wort). Add them when you drain the MT just to make sure you don’t forget! :wink:

I would do it immediately to take advantage of the heat in the wort when it’s first run off.

I appreciate the thoughts. Thanks guys.

Immediately into the kettle they’ll go.

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