Many have mentioned in a variety of posts using Oxiclean for cleaning bottles, carboys, and other gear. Are we talking straight off the shelf Oxiclean in your laundry aisle?

I love the stuff for other home purposes, but I am cautious using this on items that are touching food even after a good rinse due to the taste it might leave. What proportions are suggested when mixing with water?

Depending on the brand of “oxi” (true oxy or “store brand”) they have similar ingredients to what PBW has. They may not have all the ingredients, but they have the same.

So no worries on the safety aspect.

Use it as directed. I don’t have a container handy. A scoop or 2 for 5 gallons.

There are many post across the net with additions to “oxy” to make it closer to PBW. Adding TSP and/or soda wash to name a few.

Oxy clean does a great job of cleaning brewing equipment, but you will always want to use a Sanitizer such as Starsan on everything that touches your beer.

Real or generic “oxy” works very well to clean glass carboys and beer bottles. but be sure to rinse them very well, then sanitize with starsan, before filling.


It’s a great cleaner. Just make sure to get the unscented stuff. If it’s intended for laundry use sometimes they add citrus aroma, etc.

Count me in for OxyClean unscented powder. I put one scoop into a 5-gallon bucket with hot water to clean bottles. It makes the labels come right off and will loosen any gunk inside. I put 5 cases of empties through that one bucket of soap last week and they came out squeaky clean. I think head retention has improved a lot by having those bottles so clean.

For cleaning carboys I use a lot less, maybe 1/5th of a scoop in a gallon or two of water. Takes the crud right off. From one off the other forums someone suggested putting a piece of clean t-shirt into the better bottles, and shaking it around to clean it without scratching. That has got to be the best nugget of info I’ve gotten from these forums, what an unbelievably simple and great idea.

Is sounds like most are using this then as an alternative to PBW?

Yes. I used to use PBW, then started using Oxy. Get’s all my equipment squeaky clean, as the others have attested. rinse well and use Star San.


I do. My wife always has it on hand for laundry, so I never run out. She, on the other hand, always seems to be low. :wink:


I use Oxiclean Versatile, which AFAIK is the most common version. No scent, it works great.

I use the Oxy that says FREE on it. Yes, I pay for it, but it’s free of scents and dyes. I can’t imagine there’s a better way to clean bottles, or to remove bottle labels. I’ll never use anything else. Rinsing is important. It take 2 to 3 rinses to get all the suds out of the bottle. Then I rinse again on bottling day just for good measure, then sanitize with Starsan and I’m ready to bottle.

I was going to say I use Oxyclean “Free” as well, but as luck would have it I noticed after Denny’s post on the topic that mine is actually Versatile also–and it does indeed say Free just below.

Oxicleaner from the Dollartree costs only a dollar per pound; works great.

I love me some Oxi … clean, that is.

I was going to say I use Oxyclean “Free” as well, but as luck would have it I noticed after Denny’s post on the topic that mine is actually Versatile also–and it does indeed say Free just below.[/quote]

Oxyclean Versatile is the name they give to the original oxyclean powder, as opposed to the liquid sprays and dishwasher packs etc.
Oxyclean versatile includes both the “original scented” and “free” varities.

Both Wal-Mart and Dollar Store’s sell their own version of OxyClean. It’s cheaper and it works like a charm. I can’t remember the exact name of it, but it starts with Sun…whatever.

As mentioned, try to find the unscented version. I just use what we have at home which has the scent. I do rinse very well and I also use a diluted vinegar solution after as a final rinse. There is no obvious lingering perfume odor. Vinegar solutions are one of the best window cleaners… cutting thru a variety of things.

Cleaning is NOT sanitizing… rather, the first step in the “getting ready” portion of brewing. Love StarSan… but, still use Iodophor for some things.

Mine says “chlorine free” but nothing about any scents. I’ve been using it for over 12 years now and I’ve never detected a scent.

+1… Oxyclean is great!

I use to be an Oxyclean/store brand user (previously used PBW) until I ran out one day and a friend gave me a small amount of PBW again. Everything the PBW touched was cleaner than the Oxy had done. Stuff I thought was clean with Oxy got even cleaner with PBW.
I bought a 50lb pail and switched back to PBW. The surfactants seem to be better and it rinses better IMO.

Some people use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) and Oxy which I also tried and it seemed to work fine, but wasn’t really a fan of using the tsp.
and to throw another wrench in the mix a company called Seventh Generation makes a product called Free & Clear Automatic Dishwasher Powder that is suppose to be “green” and some claim it works better than Oxy as a PBW alternative.

Brandon, I did the same kind of test and reached the same conclusion. I found that PBW not only worked better than Oxiclean, but required less rinsing. That’s not to say Oxiclean doesn’t do a great job…it does, and I still use it for less critical cleaning or if PBW isn’t at hand. But fermenters almost always get cleaned with PBW.