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Out Of Stock

Pretty new to this winemaking malarkey - was wondering if the selection available to buy is always this low or is it just a time of year thing? I ordered a pino grigio a couple of months ago, and it is not in stock, I had presumed it would come in at some time.
So this morning, I decided screw it, I’ll buy a different kit, but the majority are out of stock. I got a nice bucket just crying out to be fermenting something!

I work at a winex retailer in Ontario. There are definately some issues right now with production. Some juice supplies (mostly french) have all but run dry.

I would say this backlog added to the higher volume of US sales have had an impact on distribution.

Not sure if this applies to other companies as well.

Where I am, things seem to be getting back to normal somewhat, except that the French styles are still out of production for the next few months.

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