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OSLO a bottom dwelling kveik?

This week I had chance to sample a nice pils made with Bootleg Biology’s OSLO strain at my LHBS bottle swap. I would never have been able to guess that what I sampled was not made with a tradition lager yeast. This is yet another nordic game changer yeast for brewers like @wilcolandzaat and myself who have limited temperature controls at times.

"OSLO is a modern take on traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing cultures.

OSLO can comfortably produce beautifully clean, lager-like beers at temperatures as high as 98F (37C) without noticeable off flavors. At the high end of fermentation temperature, beers can finish attenuating in as little as three days! This culture’s versatility and neutral flavor profile allows you to effortlessly produce most beer styles.

Bootleg is the first yeast lab to release this unique Kveik-family culture sourced from a raw beer made by our good friends at Eik & Tid in Oslo, Norway."

While they are currently sold out, I will be following Bootleg Biology closely for their next release.

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Sounds interesting…have to keep an eye out for it.

This looks intresting. Would not mind to try. Did send the link to my brewbuddy. See if he can bring some begin of june

This is now in stock… or pre -order phase. I strongly recommend you get your order in because I missed it last time.

Got my order in. I had a “lager” made with Oslo at my local bottle swap and I have to say it tasted like a lager.

So hot in NYC today. Let’s see if it lived up to its hype and survived the mail. :persevere:

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Well the Oslo managed to survive the intense heat of the New York postal system last week. True to form it was working in about 6 hours and very active in 10 hours.


Slightly less than 2 days in and my gravity went from 1.053 to 1.009. I guess I will secondary this.

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That’s pretty fast!! Holy Moly!! Sneezles61

I guess there is no low and slow with that yeast

It’s not like I overpitched either. If anything I underpitched. I will be very interested to see how well it flocculates as it gets less active

Did use this 2 weeks ago for one of my regatta beers. Nice. Think its a good yeast if ya wanna crank out beer fast. Now back to my regular yeast kveik

Where did you get the Oslo strain from? I guess it has only had two very limited releases and only from Bootleg Biology. So you would have been on the first release that did not get much attention.

Today is the beginning of day 4 and the yeast is dropping out of suspension flocculating and clearing rather nicely. Hard to take a picture of but I will try.

Me did not order. A guest who brews. Did bring me some. Dont know where he got the order from. He did give it to me as a gift.

Now that it is dropped and clear it’s kind of fun watching bubbles rise up all the way from the bottom trub. I guess this happens in ale yeast to an extent but I haven’t noticed

Brother you need a few more hobbies…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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I turned my main hobby into a career :stuck_out_tongue:
Lots of watching stuff happen in it as well

Ok I have to ask, So I will make my first poll to see what people think.
One week into fermentation my Oslo “Lager” is done fermenting at 1.009 it is also seemingly completely flocculated to the bottom. Should I transfer to a secondary? Obviously it needs to be lagered but it is so done that I’m wondering if I should just bottle age it instead.

  • Secondary
  • No Secondary

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