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Old megapot false bottom

I have an old megapot from NB I bought in 2007, before the megapot 1.2. It’s a beast and I love it.

I wanted to buy a false bottom for it so I emailed NB support and they told me the old 10g megapot is the same base dimensions as the new 15g megapot.

So I went and ordered a FB from Jaybird at NorCal since his FBs are about the same price but are a lot better (tougher overall and better stands). Lo and behold it doesn’t fit right.

To my eyes, the old megapots look a lot like the pots sold at morebeer. The new megapots 1.2 look completely different. Is anyone using a false bottom in an old megapot? If so, what are your experiences with FB fit? Any tips out there for ordering FBs?


I believe norcal brewing will make you a FB cut to size.

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