Oktoberfest /Fall beers 2023 thread!

It’s that time of year again folks!
I’m moving towards drawing one up now as it’s the perfect time to get started on a great Fall tradition.

Anyone got one going yet? Maerzen or Festbier? Traditional, Mocktoberfest, or your own spin? All good.

I’ve developed mine where I can get it brewed in late July early August and serve in late September or early October. Pretty simple recipe using red x malt and Pilsner.

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I was hoping to not have time to brew this summer… tear down my old garage and put up a new one… First of June will tell.
What’s yer grainbill looking like Voodoo? I’m going to have to look through brew notes on my past brews to see what I’ve done… Even how they’ve changed… might be interesting…

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Probably more traditional this year again, in 2021, which was the last year I brewed an Oktoberfest, it was the “European union” version that had malt from Great Britain, Germany, and Belgium.
Previous versions were more traditional, German pilsener malt and Munich light; and another version that was German Pilsner and German Vienna malt.

Leaning toward German Pilsner and German Munich, with potentially some melanoidin again.

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If I do one I’ll put a touch of Vienna in it to keep it traditional

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Still working on the inventory….may have everything here :grinning:

Family visiting soon so brewday may be delayed a bit……

Kegged the Oktoberfest (Festbier) today and very happy with the warm, flat hydrometer column sample. Plan to lager until September or so if I can stay out of it :joy:
Now 2 ales to brew!


When and what time is the keg being tapped? Do I need to bring my own stein?

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Would technically try to hold off until September 18th, but……
4pm is happy hour around here!
I have one of those ridiculous boots around here for you!

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Ahhh ‘das boot’. Better be the whole liter size…
Edit: haven’t gotten around to mine. Like I said, I’ll make it early August. Brewed an Irish red last week and yesterday a hazy pale ale. Trying to get some easy drinkers up and running.



First I’ve seen this year. Publix.

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do people actually drink that down there? Ill look in the store but Ive never seen a display like that around here. My brother in law stopped by last year and bought me Pumpkin Head. I thought it was a gag. When I found out it was no joke I threw him and the beer out. :rofl:

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Elysian, blue point and southern tier are all ‘crafty beers.’ This display was definitely set up by the Brazilians.(ABInbev/Bmc). I assume this is in most of the 50 states…. if not in your neighborhood. The only non-crafty beer in there is from Tampa Bay brewing company on the mid-outside. Elysian is from Seattle (originally).

As I’ve said in years past, the arrival of the Fall seasonals is a sign that at least the dog days of Summer down here are eventually going to end. I think that’s why people buy them……hope?

I’ve seen a few O-fests in the pop shops up here… but wonder if it’s last years stock?
I’ll not buy punkin brew… just couldn’t acquire the taste … But my eye is always open for the O-fest! Especially from Germany.

Looks like a $15 rebate on $50 of groceries and 2 sixers or one 12 pack of Elysian. Can’t seem to get out of Publix for under $100 and do like Space Dust, SWMBO likes the pumpkin beers. Won’t be down there for about two months so the pumpkin stuff might be gone by then.

I might have to check Wegmans up here.

Off topic. Does your Publix have a sign telling customers they cannot bring in any animals except actual service dogs? Read that online yesterday. Also off topic. I see Aldi bought up Winn Dixie. There is still hope for an Aldi in Marathon.

When I see point, I think of Stevens Point Wi. Brewing company called … Point Brewing! My, I’ll have to go see ifn they are still brewing…

Dogs in a grocery store? How do you keep them off the meat counter?

I haven’t seen those signs yet but I’ll look for them. Found this: