Oktoberfest 2023 thread!

It’s that time of year again folks!
I’m moving towards drawing one up now as it’s the perfect time to get started on a great Fall tradition.

Anyone got one going yet? Maerzen or Festbier? Traditional, Mocktoberfest, or your own spin? All good.

I’ve developed mine where I can get it brewed in late July early August and serve in late September or early October. Pretty simple recipe using red x malt and Pilsner.

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I was hoping to not have time to brew this summer… tear down my old garage and put up a new one… First of June will tell.
What’s yer grainbill looking like Voodoo? I’m going to have to look through brew notes on my past brews to see what I’ve done… Even how they’ve changed… might be interesting…

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Probably more traditional this year again, in 2021, which was the last year I brewed an Oktoberfest, it was the “European union” version that had malt from Great Britain, Germany, and Belgium.
Previous versions were more traditional, German pilsener malt and Munich light; and another version that was German Pilsner and German Vienna malt.

Leaning toward German Pilsner and German Munich, with potentially some melanoidin again.

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If I do one I’ll put a touch of Vienna in it to keep it traditional

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Still working on the inventory….may have everything here :grinning:

Family visiting soon so brewday may be delayed a bit……