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Oh shoot

Had my all grain IPA percolating at 70deg.with a light bulb in the extra fridge. Been in there a week. I went away or the weekend and the bulb burned out. Went to about 56. Put in a new bulb to get to warm it and noticed the air going backwards. I have sanitizer in the lock and I put some aluminum foil over it so I think nothing got sucked in. It has since started pushing the right way. What do you think caused that?

physics caused it :cheers:

That makes sense. Thanks

By the way, did you shield the light from the wort?

Aluminum foil over the light. It’s a bucket fermenter. Does light go through them?

That’s why your bulb burned out. I usually put a towel over the carboy to block the light.

It’s not a carboy. It’s a white bucket. Never had a problem before. The light is on the bottom the foil is on the shelf above to diffuse the light. Do you think I need a towel over the bucket? What about brown beer bottles, I age for two weeks in there?

Have you had skunking taste show up in your bottles? If it doesn’t taste right, you may have a problem. If it tastes fine, the light isn’t harming your beer through your bottles. I would say that same thing with your fermenter. If you have a problem, then cover it and see if that changes anything.

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