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OG dilemma

Put some wort from my Pilsner in a test jar that I drew after I pitched my yeast but then forgot to read it until this morning. After scraping the krausen off it read .040 it should have started at .055. Oh well we’re just going to have to assume.

So i’m assuming that means you did not do a post boil gravity check. RDWHAHB. If all yourother targets were hit then you should be fine.

Exactly. I have stopped doing a preboil gravity and usually only do a post boil to verify. I’m always spot on so I’m assuming this one was also. I usually test before I pitch bu alot going on yesterday. I pitched on a cake and fermenting commenced quite quickly so I’m not surprised I lost .01 points overnight considering my sample was fermenting even warmer. As far as RDWHAHB I think that may have had something to do with it


I’ll bet that small sample was chewed through very fast… resulting/insulting from a really low OG. :grin: We know better… You know more about what and how you brew than the back of yer hand… Sneezles61

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