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OG 1.058 vs 1.047 Raspberry Wheat

I have a question about the OG I took when brewing Raspberry wheat all grain kit. The spec sheet targets 1.047 and I registered a 1.058. Is this normal or what happened? I am just trying to figure this out.

Here is what I noticed different from previous batches. The grain was ground finer and I almost had a stuck grain bed when lautering. Other then that everything else was normal. Question: Would the efficiency be super high to achieve this OG from the finer ground grain?

Less final volume then the recipe calls for.

Higher efficiency than the recipe is designed for.

Combination of the two.

I pulled 12 gallons of wort for a double batch. Just to compensate for boil off.

Higher efficiency: is this because it took 45 minutes to lauter? Or because grain was so fine?

Your brewing a 10g batch? Did you end with 10 gallons or 9, 9.5?

Efficiency: If anything, latter over the former. Could be your system has a better efficiency than the author’s system.

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