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Northern english brown receipes

I’m looking at making a Northern style English Brown Ale and would appreciate any recipes or design advice. I like the non-roasty nutty flavor of some that I’ve had at various brewpubs. I’ve seen a couple of sources swearing that Special Roast is the secret sauce for getting the nutty character. Others sources have said simply the use of MO is all that is necessary or a bit of Victory.

I had one local version in a Denver pub that used “lots of Munich” as described and some rye malt. I’m wondering if a good brown ale would simply be a Munich Dunkel with ale yeast vs lager yeast??

Many recipes I’ve seen are heavy on crystal (a pound or more in 5g batch) and I’ve never been a fan of anything with that much crystal as it tends to get cloying and gunky in flavor. Gunky is of course a technical term…

For such an apparently simple style, I find it elusive and hard to get what I’m after. I’m rambling, so I’ll leave it there. I appreciate any insight. Cheers and happy brewing.

If you are an all grain brewer these is an easier question to answer. Find your favorite malt it will be the backbone and the body, and just enough special roasted malt to get your color. Not much hop profile and a clean well attenuating yeast. There’s no reason to overthink it and I’d encourage you to used MO as the entirety of your base malt. My personal favorite malts are Mecca Grade Estate Malts. I’ve never made a beer I didn’t like with them

There is a pretty well known recipe for Janet’s Nut Brown Ale that is popular with home brewers. I have not made it, but have heard many others rave about it.

Marries Otter is an English malt, I’ve used it alot….
Should you want color, start with 3 oz per 5 gallon batch… IF you remember the old New Castle style, I think there is 3/4 cup of brown sugar… That is the brew that put me on the trail to brewing…. Perhaps, time to brew one here… aim for 4.8%…

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