No Sparge

I’m looking at doing the no sparge method, for various reasons. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as an easy way to calculate how much water to add to the grist so I end up with my target wort volume?

Thank you

JT’s “mashwater3.3” will give you the volumes needed.

Continuous sparge, batch sparge, no sparge. They all use the same amount of water if the amount of grain and end volume are the same.

Kai’s batch sparge calculator can calculate that for you. ... _Simulator

I’m starting to do more no-sparge brews too.

Or you can do the calc yourself - divide grain weight by 8 to determine wort lost to gran ( in gallons) then add your desired kettle volume and that’s your total volume.

Hey thanks everyone for the information.

Keep in mind that if you mash with that much water the buffering power of the grain will be significantly reduced and you’ll want to keep an eye on the mash pH.