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No-Sparge/Siphon question

Hey guys, want to give AG a go tomorrow, and was going to go BIAB but my brewpot sizes don’t really work all that well with the straining bags I have. I do, however, have a beverage cooler that hold temp very well. Was wondering if I can mash in there and siphon to my brewpot with my standard autosiphon tubing. It’s not high temp tubing so I didn’t know if siphoning 154 degree liquid would lead to plactic leaching into the wort or anything. Thanks for any replies.

You can just pour it into the kettle.

Yeah I should have just figured the obvious answer was good to go, just had a little HSA fear, but I guess I should buy into the HSA is a myth view, as that’s what I’ve read from most AG brewers. Thanks,

Pour slowly into a tilted kettle, like pouring a pint of beer, and you will minimize any chance of (mythical) HSA. :wink:

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